September 21, 2021

About info page and recommendations 关于双语支援问题

Some of them are in only Chinese for now maybe. The reason for that is because I’m not a native English speaker, and it’s quiet a suffer and there is a lot of hard work need to be done to make my website both available in English and Chinese(which is my first language). So be patient, and use chrome page translate for now, thanks!


About the webmaster 关于站长

It's not matter who I am, people who know me just know me. People who find this site on the Internet just need to know my fox. Every content here is created and managed by her.


About the fox 关于大狐狸

Who am I? I'm a big furry fox. I believe in my own gods and also believe in science. I'm a technical fox who likes modern technology.


About Mikami Jinga 关于三神社

A high-tech fox club where everyone exchanges skills and hobbies, open to everyone for coming and play. And also, welcome everyone to join my chat server


Words to the Lone Traveler on the path of learning techs

When you encounter difficulties, go and discuss them with your friends. It will help in some way even if your friend is not a technical. People can always get some new inspiration in the discussion. There is no need to struggle it alone.

About graphical programming and one-click to production software or website

These tools are very suitable for beginners which can help you create a lot of content without being annoyed by massive user manual. I prefer to write and create website or softwares with some basic level tools, so that I can understand the principles of these realizations and can explore a wider world in techs